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Network Operations

For Windows 95/98/ME

From your Desktop:

 1.) Double click My Computer
 2.) Double click Dial-Up Networking
 3.) Locate the LPM Online icon
 4.) Place the mouse on the LPM Online icon and
      press the right mouse key one time. And
      select Properties.
 5.) Another window will come up with some tabs
     across the top, Click on the Server Types tab.
 6.) At the bottom, click on the TCP/IP Settings
 7.) About mid-way of this screen you should see
      4 boxes with the top two labeled
      Primary DNS & Secondary DNS
 8.) The Primary DNS must be changed to
      And the Secondary DNS changed to
 9.) Click the OK button until you are back to the
      LPM Online icon. And then close Dial-Up Networking
10.) That's it, All done.


Windows 2000 Professional/Server & Advanced Server
From you Desktop:

 1.) Click on Start
 2.) Click Settings
 3.) Click Network and Dial-Up Connections
 4.) Right click on your LPM Online icon and choose
 5.) Click on the Networking Tab.
 6.) In the Protocols Box, highlight TCP/IP and click
      on the Properties button.
 7.) At the bottom you will need to change the Primary
      and Secondary DNS numbers.
 8.) Change the Primary DNS to and the
      Secondary DNS to and click on the OK
      button. Click the OK button again and you will be
      back to the LPM Online icon. Now close the Network
      and Dial-Up Connections window.
 9.) That's it, All done.